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Ministry: Iran’s daily COVID deaths hit 125, cases top 6,000
Ministry: Iran’s daily COVID deaths hit 125, cases top 6,000
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The Iranian Health Ministry announced in a statement on Sunday that the country’s daily COVID-19 deaths and infections reached 125 and 6,143, respectively.

It added the total COVID-19 fatalities and cases since the beginning of the outbreak in the country in late February 2020 stand at 128,167 and 6,037,817, respectively.

According to the statement, 3,510 patients are in critical condition, and 904 new ones have been hospitalized.

The ministry said 5,695,949 have so far either recovered or have been discharged from hospitals.

The statement added 37,038,991 diagnostic tests have so far been carried out in the country.

The ministry said 26 cities are coded red (very high-risk), while 87 are in the orange zone (high-risk).

The number of yellow (medium-risk) and blue (low-risk) cities are 222 and 113, it added.

Until a few weeks ago, Iran was grappling with a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections, seeing record high daily deaths and cases of over 700 and 40,000, respectively. Although the fifth wave has subsided on the back of the greater momentum of the public vaccination process in the country, authorities constantly warn against the start of a new wave, calling for full compliance with the health protocols.

The Health Ministry announced on Friday that the country has not yet entered a nationwide sixth wave of COVID-19 infections, saying hospitalization figures reflect a declining or steady trend in most Iranian provinces.

Iran has produced a number of COVID jabs domestically including Razi Cov Pars (Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute), Fakhra (Defense Ministry), COVIran Barekat (Barakat Foundation), Soberana 2 – or PastoCoVac (Cuba’s Instituto Finlay de Vacunas and Iran’s Pasteur Institute) – and Noura (the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps).

The country has also received several COVID-19 vaccine batches from Russia (Sputnik V), China (Sinopharm), Japan (AstraZeneca) and India (COVAXIN).

According to the Sunday statement by Iran’s Health Ministry, 98,440,590 doses of COVID jabs have so far been administered in the country, of which 55,732,066 have been given to people as the first dose, and 42,193,734 as the second dose.

The ministry added 259,190 doses of vaccines were administered Saturday to Sunday.




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