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Man sacrifices his car to save unconscious driver
Man sacrifices his car to save unconscious driver
We all have known that car accidents, especially collisions, can be life-threatening. But what if we told you that a collision between two cars could save a life?

You wouldn't believe it until you saw a video showing a man sacrificing his car to save another driver who fell unconscious while driving.

The video is doing the round on social media platforms.

The 41 seconds clip shows that a car follows another and gently rams into it to stop it and save the driver, wrote.

A man in the Netherlands sacrificed his car to save the life of the unconscious driver who had lost control of her car. The 41 seconds clip shows a car, which looks like it's out of control, moving at a steady speed on a grass patch next a highway. Though the car bumps into the guardrail, it continues to move.

Soon, we see another car driving in front of it and stopping it by letting it bump against its rear. The incident was recorded on the dash cam of a car moving behind these two cars. The video was captioned, “Man sacrifices his car to save another driver who was unconscious.”

At the time of writing, over 20,000 users had liked the post. The user also shared the way the entire incident unfolded through a thread on Twitter. The incident took place in Nunspeet on Friday afternoon when Henry Temmermans noticed a car moving wildly during his drive back home.

“What I saw was not good. It was clear that the lady was no longer conscious,” said Temmermans.

Temmermans, then, gets ahead of the car and lets the woman crash into the back of his car so that her vehicle comes to a stop.

Temmermans sees that the woman had vomited and tries to make her come around. He also calls an emergency number. The cops arrive after about some time and tow away Temmermans' car.

“The woman is left with five broken ribs from the incident,” read one of the tweets in the thread, adding that it wasn't clear how she became unwell to the extent that she fell unconscious.

Many users commented on the thread, admiring Temmermans for the way he saved the woman's life.


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