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Car "launched into the air" after crash, lands on another vehicle
Car "launched into the air" after crash, lands on another vehicle
While waiting at a signal at some point or the other, you might have seen someone jumping the red light. We often think if the risk is worth taking. If your stars aren't on your side, skipping a red light may lead to road accidents. In a recent video from Indianapolis, US, we see a car jumping the red light and causing havoc for five other vehicles on the road. The video was shared by the YouTube channel, Viral Hog, wrote.

In the accident, documented on a dash cam, we can see the speeding car crashing into another vehicle and launching into the air, only to land on the hood of a passing SUV.

The video was titled, “Red light runner launched into the air after accident". From the caption, we get to know that the person who recorded the video and his wife “were in the vehicle with the dash cam” and had stopped at a red light. The user goes on to add, “An oncoming vehicle didn't see the red light. The struck vehicle sprinkled mine with parts and the sunroof.”

The user then says, “It landed on a car beside me and spun on its nose, falling on the Jaguar SUV that was waiting at the light. Six vehicles were damaged in total. Thankfully there were no injuries.”

In the video, we also see a pedestrian, who had just crossed the road, escape miraculously as the flying vehicle lands inches away from where he was walking.

So far, the video has received more than 13,000 views on YouTube. Many people have commented on it. A couple of users noticed the pedestrian who was saved by a hair's breadth. While one of them commented, “It's crazy how had that man walked just a bit slower, he would've died”, another wrote, “That man was so lucky to have just cleared that crosswalk.”

A user wrote, “There is like 000.1% chance of having a car land on top of another car with an accident like that."

Another commented, “That fact that the white car drove a little with a car on top is hilarious.”

A third user said, “I wonder what happened to the red car? Also, just to think the man crossing the street thinking he's nearly safe, crossing the street.”


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