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Iran slams Bahrain’s attempt to falsely link Tehran to ‘foiled bombing’
Iran slams Bahrain’s attempt to falsely link Tehran to ‘foiled bombing’
Iran dismissed Bahrain’s accusations linking Tehran to what was claimed to be a foiled bomb attack in the kingdom, saying the regime in Manama will not be able to cover up its woes at home and abroad.

Making “such baseless claims simultaneously with the IISS Manama Dialogue, which has turned into a tribune against Iran, shows Bahrain’s lack of comprehension about regional issues,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Wednesday.

He made the remarks while reacting to the Bahraini interior ministry’s claims that the kingdom had arrested a number of suspects “linked with terrorist groups in Iran” and confiscated weapons and explosives ahead of a “planned terrorist operations against security and civil peace,” Press TV wrote.

Khatibzadeh added that the Bahraini government had put its relations with the illegitimate Israeli regime above ties with its own people and refused to fulfill their righteous civil demands.

“The Bahraini government cannot cover up its problems inside and outside [the kingdom] by leveling such false accusations,” the Iranian official added.

Bahrain, one of the closest US allies in the region and host to the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet and other international naval operations, has often made groundless accusations against Iran, claiming that Tehran seeks to destabilize Manama. Iran has always denied such allegations.

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