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General: Israel’s hue and cry due to its inability to confront Iran
General: Israel’s hue and cry due to its inability to confront Iran
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All the moaning and clamor by Israel is due to the regime’s failure to compete with Iran militarily and the fact that it knows that if it receives a furious blow from the Islamic Republic, it would not be able to rise again.

Deputy Chief of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Dadras made the remarks in an address in a Wednesday ceremony, saying, “Today, we are in a situation in which we can respond to any threat,” IRNA reported.

He added, “We do not purchase any weapons from outside the country as we build the best ones domestically.”

The brigadier general noted that, at present, if the world’s major powers want to talk to Iran, they do it at the negotiating table, “which is due to the honor given to us thanks to our resistance, national unity, solidarity and sage Leader [of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei]”.

The army deputy chief said everybody has witnessed that despite all the unrest and turmoil in neighboring states, Iran is in utter security.

He stressed that Iran has domestically developed its military equipment, noting that even if the Islamic Republic possesses something capable of impacting regional equations and giving strong responses to the threats in the region, it must not be presented overtly, as a country’s real might is its hidden power.

Brigadier General Dadras added, “Our capabilities are secure and can be used in proportion to threats.”

Commenting on homegrown military equipment, he said Iranian scientists monitor needs, and design and develop gears and weaponry accordingly.

Those who are weak, moan and shout and compromise global security are more aware of the level of Iran’s capabilities, Brigadier General Dadras remarked.

He expressed hope that peace would be maintained in the region so that Iran would not be compelled to demonstrate its capabilities on the battleground, saying, “However, our abilities are great enough to enable us to give a strong response to ill-wishers.”



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