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IRGC missiles hit Israeli 'strategic center' in Iraq
IRGC missiles hit Israeli 'strategic center' in Iraq
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Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on Sunday said that it pounded an Israeli "strategic center" in northern Iraq with missiles in retaliation for Israel’s strike on Syria that killed two IRGC officers last week. 

A "strategic center for conspiracy and mischiefs of the Zionists was targeted with powerful precision missiles fired by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps," the IRGC said in a statement.

The missile barrage came after “the recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime and the prior announcement that the crimes and mischiefs of this fake regime will not go unanswered,” the IRGC said.

Earlier, authorities in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region said "a dozen ballistic missiles" targeted the northern city of Erbil in the early hours of Sunday, AFP reported.

Residents of Erbil posted videos online showing several large explosions, and some said the blasts shook their homes.

Press TV wrote that the ballistic missiles hit secret Mossad bases in Erbil, leaving several Israeli operatives dead.

Citing security sources, Iraq’s Sabereen News reported that two Mossad training centers were targeted.

Al-Mayadeen said a Mossad base on the Masif-Saladin street in Erbil was “fully razed to the ground and a number of Israeli mercenaries were killed or injured”.

The IRGC had already warned on Tuesday that Israel "will pay” for the killing of its officers in Syria where Iran maintains a military advisory mission. 

“Once again, we warn the criminal Zionist regime that the repetition of any mischief will face harsh, decisive and destructive responses," IRGC’s Sunday statement said.

"We also assure the great nation of Iran that the security and peace of the Islamic homeland is the red line of the Iranian armed forces, who will not allow anyone to threaten or attack it," it added.

On Thursday, Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations had written to the UN secretary general and the Security Council, saying Tehran "reserves its inherent right to self-defense, under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, to respond to such criminal act whenever it deems appropriate”.



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