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Minister: People won’t forget army role during pandemic
Minister: People won’t forget army role during pandemic
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People will not forget the significant role the Iranian Army has played since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country in late February 2020, said the health minister.

Bahram Einollahi made the remark in a Monday tweet on the occasion of National Army Day (April 18), adding that at the beginning of the COVID crisis, the Iranian Army, willing to make sacrifices, rushed to join people as it has always come to their aid.

Ever since the outbreak, the Iranian Armed Forces, including the army, have played an undeniable role in the country’s fight against the coronavirus during different waves of the pandemic through putting their facilities and forces at the disposal of the Health Ministry and assisting it in the implementation of its plans and measures, such as screening and vaccination.

As a result of such collective efforts and, particularly, under the administration of President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, Iran’s health sector has managed to survive six waves of COVID infections and bring the situation under control to a large extent, thus, preparing the ground for a gradual return to normalcy, as has already taken place in some sectors, such as that of education.

The greater momentum of the COVID vaccination process, on the back of the rise in domestic production and imports, has been a main factor in improving the situation. Iran has produced a number of vaccines and imported several batches.

Vaccine development was another field where the Armed Forces, including the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), entered the scene and made their contribution.

The Defense Ministry developed the Fakhra COVID jab, and Noura was the outcome of efforts by the IRGC experts.

The Iranian Health Ministry announced on Monday that the country’s daily COVID-19 fatalities and infections stood at 25 and 2,009, respectively, putting the total figures at 140,854 and 7,208,968.

This comes as Iran witnessed daily deaths and infections of above 700 and 40,000 during previous waves.

By Monday, the total number of the administered vaccine doses in the country had reached 148,361,446.



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