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Iran’s Nour-2 homegrown satellite sends back first images
Iran’s Nour-2 homegrown satellite sends back first images
Nour-2 (Light-2), the second homegrown satellite launched by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force in March, beamed back its first images.

Two images released on Monday show flat views of a stretch of land in Marvdasht and Khormoj in the southern Iranian provinces of Fars and Bushehr, respectively, Press TV reported.

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Isa Zarepour, who posted the images on his Instagram account, wrote: “This is the first time that a homegrown satellite has sent back high resolution true-color images.”

He lauded the achievement despite U.S. unilateral sanctions imposed on the country, saying that currently Iran possesses the technology to develop, launch and place satellites in the Earth’s orbits and has succeeded in using satellite technology.

The IRGC launched Nour-2 into a low Earth orbit (LEO), nearly two years after the launch of its first military satellite.

The homegrown satellite was launched with a three-stage satellite carrier, dubbed Qased (Messenger), from a launchpad in Dasht-e Kavir, a large desert in central Iran.

Nour-2 satellite is expected to carry out a range of military and civilian missions in Iran, including reconnaissance and natural disaster response operations.

Back in April, 2020, the IRGC successfully placed Nour-1 into an orbit 425 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.




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