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Donating tissues of each deceased person saves 40 lives
Donating tissues of each deceased person saves 40 lives
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Head of Cell, Tissue & Organ Bank of Legal Medicine Research Center Saeed Shah Hosseini said that donating tissues of deceased persons could save the lives of 40 people with orthopedic and cardiovascular conditions.

“When donated deceased bodies are referred to Legal Medicine for determining the cause of death, if they are in the proper condition, tissues will be taken from the cornea, heart valves, tendons, bones and skin within the first 24 hours after death,” he told IRNA.

He also noted, “Tissue donations of the deceased needs either the family’s consent or the deceased person’s will; it differs from organ donation of brain dead patients. In tissue donation the appearance of the body is preserved.”

Shah Hosseini said, “Currently, tissue donations are done in Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz ... each year, around a thousand donations are made in the country.”


Required conditions


Explaining the difference between educational and medical usage of the deceased bodies, he said, “Bodies used for medical purposes should have the required conditions. Since the organs start to decay immediately after death, there isn’t much time for donation.”

The head of Cell, Tissue & Organ bank went on to specify that “patients with cancer and self-immune diseases, drug addicts and people with a history of rehabilitation or prison are not qualified for donations.”

“On average, 14 to 16 tissues are taken from each body which will benefit up to 50 patients with bone cancer, cardiovascular disease and burn victims,” he further explained.


Media role


Shah Hosseini asked government authorities and the media to champion this God-pleasing cause, claiming “they will benefit from it.”

“In addition to saving lives and helping the progress of modern medicine, the increase in domestic body donations would reduce the cost of tissue imports,” he elaborated.

He added, “Since we face many natural disasters and car accidents in our country, our need is great and, therefore, it would be important to be able to procure the needed tissues domestically.”




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