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All enemy plots foiled by Iran people in past forty years: IRGC chief
All enemy plots foiled by Iran people in past forty years: IRGC chief
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Over the past 43 years, the White House has not ceased, even for a moment, organizing conspiracies against the Iranian people who have always foiled the plots, said a top military commander.

Making the remarks in a ceremonial address on Friday, Chief Commander of the Islamic ‎Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami added that while Iran is currently stronger than ever, the enemy is on the decline, as was manifest in, among other things, its escape from Afghanistan and defeat in Yemen, IRNA reported.

The IRGC chief noted that Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution has worn out the enemy.

He said the Iranian nation has given unforgettable lessons to its enemies and is very well aware that the country’s independence, greatness and dignity hinge on defending the Islamic Revolution and Establishment.

Major General Salami warned that the enemy always seeks to keep the Iranian nation away from being able to fulfill its lofty aspirations, saying it propagates its pipe dreams and delusional ideas through the media in the hope of deceiving the people.

This is while, he stressed, the enemy has yet failed to understand the Iranian people, for they have always shattered its delusions.

In remarks on Thursday, Major General Salami said although the “enemy” is at ‎present incapable of waging a war on the Islamic Republic, particularly through land borders, the country’s ‎Armed Forces are always cautious of possible miscalculations by the foe, according to ‎Tasnim News Agency. ‎

He also highlighted the necessity of expanding the ‎country’s military and defense capabilities. ‎

The top commander added the war against the enemy will continue as long as it refrains from ceasing its hostility ‎toward the Islamic Republic and bearing the grudge of its previous defeats against Iran. ‎

The IRGC chief gave the assurance that, at present, no world power is capable of attacking Iran.



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