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Iran’s spring non-oil trade hits $25.5b; 19.5% up
Iran’s spring non-oil trade hits $25.5b; 19.5% up
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Iran’s non-oil trade reached $25.5 billion in the first quarter of the Persian calendar year (starting on March 21), posting a positive trade balance of $605 million, the customs office said on Wednesday.

Alireza Moqaddasi, the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, Iran traded 36 million tons of commodities valued at $25.5 billion with other countries during the spring – 19.5% up versus the same period a year ago.

“Iran exported 27.7 million tons of goods worth over $13 billion [over the past three months] which indicates a 21% surge compared to the spring of last year,” said Moqaddasi, adding that the overall amount of imports topped 8.1 million tons of goods, totaling nearly $12.5 with an 18% jump.

With exports outdoing imports, Moqaddasi added that Iran’s trade balance remained in surplus.

“This three-month continuity is unprecedented,” he said.

The official said China, Iraq and Turkey were the top three destinations for Iran’s exported goods, while the United Arab Emirates, China and Turkey were the major exporters to the Islamic Republic in the spring.








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