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Conspiracy against West Asia security underway in Manama
Conspiracy against West Asia security underway in Manama
Sondoss Al Asaad

Lebanese journalist

The temporary Zionist entity’s National Security Advisor Eyal Hulata is back in Bahrain for the so-called Manama Dialogue, an annual security summit obviously functioning as an anti-Iranian platform.

With their intertwined security interests, military and intelligence leaders as well as defense and foreign ministers have now gathered in Bahrain, an island nation that’s embroiled in political, economic, security and social turbulence.

As it happens, the gathering coincided with elections that excluded roughly 90 thousand of the citizens of Bahrain, where the language of repression, brutality, arbitrary arrest and the stripping of nationalities prevails. Bahrain is an island teeming with military bases and Zionist intelligence cells.

The summit kicked off on the eve of Friday amid widening criticism from rights campaigners who accuse the attendees of discussing global and regional crises while ignoring the local startling political and rights plight; a hostile summit intended to destabilize the security of an entire region and threaten its people. 

The summit is taking place in a country that blocks all initiatives of dialogue, rapprochement and dissolution, and under the patronage of a repressive regime that has paved the way for a comprehensive confrontation against its neighbors while wooing and drawing closer to the temporary occupation entity.

The Manama “Dialogue” commenced with the claim of dissecting “the impact of conflicts on the region and the initiatives for a solution,” while Manama’s internal conflict with its indigenous people has started its 10th year without a settlement.

It is also noteworthy that the summit began only a few days after the failure of the so-called “coexistence” conference, as well as in light of the escalation of hostility against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This speaks volumes on Bahrain’s advanced security partnership with the Israeli regime.

Observers believe that what the Bahraini regime is now practicing in the country are merely the orders dictated by Riyadh’s Mohammad bin Salman confronting their common illusionary enemy, i.e. Iran.

Let’s explore what the Bahraini regime would gain from holding such a forum all over the past years. This is mainly to preserve its existence, after it has been wiped off of all elements of legitimacy.

Hence, in order to guarantee tyranny and authoritarianism, the Zionists must be empowered to turn Bahrain into a hotbed of security tension and conflict zone.

Therefore, observers are well aware that the only element of power in the Bahrain regime is the U.S. Fifth Navy Fleet, and currently its cooperation with the Zionists - no more, no less - and the outcome of this conference is nothing but to fuel conflicts.

Among the attendees is the United Kingdom, which maintains its existing links with the regime despite the continuous international reports criticizing its notorious support for institutions involved in torturing political detainees in light of Manama’s complete political suppression of freedoms.

This merely exposes the British - and predominantly American – double standards in the matter of supporting human rights and freedoms.

Today, the Zionist regime has become is engaged in all aspects of Bahraini institutions, including citizens’ private data. Perhaps the most dangerous and terrifying aspect of this is the training of Bahraini officers involved in the persecution of prisoners of conscience, which indicates more torture choruses.

It would be no exaggeration if we say this is physical purge and assassination.

Manama’s normalization with the Israeli regime has exceeded all expectations, turning Bahrain into an open stadium run by the empires of global arrogance, while the people of Bahrain - as a whole - do not miss an opportunity to express their rejection of the Zionist regime.




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